Explore Your Motherhood Journey With Ganilia

A Wonderful Gift FOR life

“My doctor  recommends me to take Ganilia on my first pregnancy. I am so happy with the results and have been taking this faithfully throughout my first & second pregnancy; including breastfeeding.  When i compared my child to other children her age, i can see a vast difference in her development. Thank you Ganilia”..  -Mrs Smith-


"Pregnancy and Breastfeeding are critical periods during which good nutrition is a key factor influencing the early health in life of both the mother and baby. A women's dietary intake and nutritional status prior to conception and during pregnancy profoundly influence foetal development, infant health and the Pregnancy"

Ganilia with Microencapsulated Iron is an innovative and comprehensive formulation scientifically developed for Pregnant & Breastfeeding women in line with International guidelines. Ganilia contains a balanced combination of 15 Essential Vitamins, Minerals and DHA specially formulated with you and your baby in mind.
Nutritional Needs During Pregnancy

It’s always important to eat a balanced diet — and it’s even more important when you’re pregnant because what you eat is the main source of nutrients for your baby. However, many women don’t get enough DHA, iron, folate, calcium, vitamin D, or Iodine. So when you are pregnant, it is important for you to increase the amounts of foods you eat with these nutrients. Vitamin and mineral supplements cannot replace a healthy diet. Most doctors recommend that pregnant women take a prenatal vitamin and mineral supplement every day in addition to eating a healthy diet. Taking a supplement ensures that you and your baby get enough important nutrients.


Ganilia is a Comprehensive and Innovative formulation, with only 2 capsules a day to meet your daily requirements during Pregnancy & Breastfeeding.

  • COMPREHENSIVE : 15 Vitamins, minerals and DHA, all in 1 capsule.
  • INNOVATIVE: Ganilia MICROENCAPSULATED iron protects DHA from oxidation. It is better absorbed, with 2.7 times higher bio-availability compared to Ferrous Sulphate.
    And, does not cause constipation and other gastro-instestinal disturbances (stomach upset).
  • MEET REQUIREMENT: 2 Capsules daily to meet almost 100% of daily requirement.
  • HIGH QUALITY : Made in Germany.
  • REPUTATION: Trusted brand over decades.
  • ENVIRONMENT FRIENDLY: Packaged in sustainable BIO-DEGRADABLE bottle to help protect OUR MOTHER EARTH.


Iron intake during pregnancy are important to avoid increased risk of pre-term delivery and subsequently low birth weight babies.

Common iron supplementation may be associated with a metallic taste in the mouth, constipation and other gastro-intestinal disturbaces like stomach upset. In addition, common iron will damage oxygen sensitive vitamins and DHA, when its indirect contact  with them.

Ganilia microencapsulated iron travels unaltered through the high-acid stomach environment without interference from any compounds that it encounters along the way. Eventually, it reaches the duodenum and the jejunum (the middle gastrointestinal tract), where it is easily absorbed.  

The microencapsulation allows the iron to enter the cell easily and the slow release makes the iron more readily absorbed.  In additions, it helps to prevent Constipation and  Vitamins (especially DHA) from oxidation.